What does a Joomla developer do?

What is a Joomla developer?A Joomla developer's main role is to set up and maintain the technical side of the Joomla content management system.

The content management system consists of several thousand files that work and interlink with each other on the server.

Each time someone puts a URL into the search bar the files will interact with each other and pass each other bits of required information.

Our first job is to install the content management system onto the server by uploading all of the files.  Our next job is to connect the files to a SQL database which also resides on the folder.  The database will then pass data to any file requesting it.

Once that is complete we have a fully working content management system with the basic template that comes with Joomla.

The first job tends to be changing the template which will alter the look of the front page when your users visit. Templates can consist of hundreds of files containing thousands of lines of code depending on the complexity.

Some of my clients have gone down the cost saving route of purchasing a ready made template and giving me the task of re-branding it to their company fonts and colours and making minor css adjustments. Other clients have presented me with a photoshop version of the design so we can convert it so they get the exact look they want.

After the template is set up, the menu structure requires creating.  This is usually planned out on a wire frame which is a piece of software that will  help you plan the navigation of the website by creating a bare bones version that you can click around.

Next up is to install the modules.  Modules usually sit at the side, above or below the main page content and can be used to display plain text, a donations form or something as complex as live share data or this coming week's weather. Modules are linked to menu items so for each page you click on, you can assign different modules.

Finally you may want some functionality to the website to make it more interactive to your users or to perform a certain task so we set up components. Examples of components could be an interactive directory, a page that displays real estate property, a collection of videos or a form that you input data or sign up to a service.

Components can be straight forward or take a lot of time to set up and configure depending on the complexity of the tasks it must perform.

Joomla has thousands of components and modules to choose from, many of them opensource, therefore free to use.

After all the main tasks are complete we move onto securing your website against ne'er-do-well types and search engine optimization to rocket your site up the ranks of Google which I will talk about soon!

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What does a Joomla developer do?
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