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Website training LondonSE24 Media can offer training in Joomla. Whether you are wanting to use it to upload articles or want full training on how to set a content management system up, I can provide.

I can offer Joomla training in London but elsewhere in the UK/abroad will incur travel costs.

I currently have clients as far a field as Zurich come over for my courses.



This Joomla training course covers the following topics:



Joomla Starter Course

What is Joomla

  • Overview of installing Joomla

Creating content

  • Adding pages to the front page
  • Creating a Sitemap
  • Adding external and internal links
  • Deleting or hiding content
  • Creating Sections and Categories
  • Organising content in to sections and categories
  • Choosing content layout
  • Adding meta data for search engines
  • Global configurations
  • Configuring articles parameters
  • Ordering articles
  • Setting global configuration

Creating Menus

  • Adding navigation menus
  • Creating sub menus
  • Maintaining menus
  • Linking menus
  • Deleting menus

Working with Modules

  • Creating sidebar modules
  • Configuring modules
  • Creating login modules
  • Creating breadcrumbs modules
  • Working with other modules

Using Components

  • Adding contact us page
  • Adding polls


  • Adding users
  • User permissions

Using Templates

  • Working with templates
  • Choosing different templates
  • Adjusting templates

Extending Joomla

  • Using plug-in
  • Using extensions

Go Live

  • What's next – go live
  • Search engine optimisation



This Joomla training course will be delivered using a Web browser and a text editor. No other software or prior knowledge is required. Participants will be using live Joomla sites for the learning process by planning, editing and testing live content with the Joomla CMS application.


Upon completion of this training course, participants should be able to:

  • Log in to joomla administration section of a website
  • Understand how the joomla backend functions
  • Add sections, categories, and pages
  • Add links and create navigation bar
  • Upload media files
  • Change template and themes
  • Add users and permissions


This Joomla training course is suitable for personal interest adult learners, University students, early career professionals, professional development learners, supervisors and team leaders and senior executives.

If you wish to know more about thie course please do not hesitate to contact me.


Joomla Advanced Couse

This Joomla training course in London goes beyond the introduction of using Sections, Categories, Articles and Menus. In this Joomla training course, we look deeper into some of the business extensions that could be integrated with Joomla to extend its usability from both ends (as a website administrator and as a site user). This course is ideal for extending your knowledge of the Joomla Platform and for past students of the introductory Joomla course.


This Joomla training course covers the following topics:

Joomla Templates – Based on a pre-designed design

  • Template installationTemplate editing
  • Simple edits – index.php
  • Simple edits – CSS
  • Adding a logo

Joomla SEO and Tools

  • Tools of the trade
  • Setting up keywords
  • Integrating baseline statistics
  • Integrating Google analytics
  • Search Engine Friendly URL (SEF)
  • Joomla Blogging, RSS feeds and Communities
  • Setting up Joomla as a blog
  • Importing Wordpress to Joomla
  • Setting up RSS feeds
  • Setting up public forums
  • Setting up K2 community

Joomla Multimedia

Working with galleries

Joomla eCommerce

  • eCommerce extensions
  • VirtuMart (features, Products, Customers)
  • Mail Orders

Joomla Top Business Extensions

  • Managing subscriptions (paid or FREE)
  • Managing projects
  • Managing online documents


Delivery of this Joomla training course is hands-on. Each student will have their own installed version of Joomla to practice on.


Upon completion of this Joomla training course, participants should be able to:

  • Install and uninstall Joomla extensions
  • Simple template and CSS editing features
  • Implement some of the SEO strategies and Tools
  • Integrate blogs and fourms
  • Mobilising their Joomla sites
  • Work with photo galleries


This Joomla training course is suitable for those individuals who wish to advance their web design skills using Joomla Including business owners and web designers.


Prior knowledge of how Joomla operates is an advantage. Prior to attending this Joomla training course, it is recommended that you attended the starter Joomla Course.

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